Low fat raw vegan recipes

Why our recipes are different than others and why we call them belly-friendly? Because all of our recipes are well-combined, still a very rare thing in the raw food movement. We keep fat separate from sweet fruit. This means, that you will get slimmer easier and your body can put more energy into healing, rather than dealing with digesting a complicated meal.

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What is unique about our recipe book?

Unlike most other raw vegan recipes on the market, our recipes are well combined (no crazy fat-sugar/nut-agave combinations) and are low in fat. At the same time we do use some fat to keep our diet balanced and we also use more mineral-rich foods than some popular 80-10-10 recipe books. We feel that it’s all about finding the balance, this sweet spot that is right for you. We also invite you to play around with our recipes and adjust quantities for your unique needs. You might want to avoid fats all together for some period of time or you might want to increase your fat consumption during the winter, period of growth, repairing nerves system, etc. Listen to your body and decide for yourself.

Raw vegan recipes

Our raw vegan recipes are meant for you, if you want to eat healthier and add more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet or if you want to be successful on a fully raw vegan lifestyle. You don’t have to be 100% raw vegan. You can just incorporate one or two fresh and vibrant raw vegan meals per day and watch your health improve right in front of your eyes. Or you can get the best of the best and go 100% raw vegan to become a shining example for everybody 🙂 Whatever you decide to do, this book will support you on your way to your happier and healthier life!

About us

Jesse Bogdanovich is a 100% raw vegan since 1998. He is happy, kind and supportive lifestyle couch. Jesse won the best of raw awards as a favorite raw food educator of the year 2012. He got devastating side effects from a polio vaccine as a baby and his story of healing deeply touches everyone who hears that. You can read Jesse’s story in a preview of our book in Amazon.

Reny is a graphical designer, self-thought raw chef, photographer and fitness enthusiast. She loves to prepare and photograph colourful raw food and to support those who are interested in improving their health and well-being.



In our book you can find:

* Raw vegan food combining and food combining chart

* Our favorite kitchen tools and health-friendly utensils

* Tips on creating your own recipes

* Fun and easy to prepare fruit sandwiches

* Yummy smoothies

* Sweet, juicy and refreshing fruit salads

* Fat free fruit cakes

* Healing and super-hydrating juices

* Flavored water

* Scrumptious veggie salads

* Veggie soups

* Veggie party dishes

Low fat raw Vegan Recipes

Raw Vegan Recipes



Raw Vegan Recipes


Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw Vegan Recipes


We have a lots of salads in this edition of the book, since fruit is so easy to eat just as it is and that’s what we are usually doing 🙂 But, we also included a lots of awesome soups, smoothies, juices, fruit cakes and even fruit sandwiches! There are also some party recipes, like lasagna, rolls and stuffed veggies. All our recipes are 100% raw vegan, simple, well combined and low in fat (keeping it under 10% of your daily calories).
We also included lots of tips and recommendations on nutrition, food combining, your personal menu plan, kitchen equipment and even show you how to create your own unique recipes!

Raw Vegan Recipes

The positive response to our new Simply Vibrant Recipes e-book got us pleasantly overwhelmed with beautiful testimonials, FB messages and emails 🙂

Here are some testimonials

I’ve been reading Simply Vibrant Recipes by Reny and Jesse Bogdanovich this past week and I feel compelled to say that it is the most photogenic and informative book I have ever read about healthy foods and how we should eat them.

This book is 140 pages of the most beautiful pictures, with brilliantly insightful tips about nutrition, food combining, proper digestion and yes, recipes that are not only delicious but change your health in ways you would never thought possible. This book is so much more than a recipe book, it is a handbook for health and well being.

Jesse Bogdanovich shares his experiences with a crippling childhood disease that he was told by a renowned specialist would eventually take his life before he became an adult, thankfully his parents refused to listen to this prognosis and searched for alternative treatments to conventional medicine, thus begins the journey of a young boy determined to be healthy and how he became a man that not only overcame his affliction but heals others with his guidance, a great story that I encourage you to read.

Reny in her own right gives this book it’s beauty in the artful presentation of the foods therein that she shares with her years of experience and love for fitness, holistic living and photography.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to be free of disease without the use of drugs, for those who want to lose weight, be happier with themselves and for lastly those who enjoy a beautifully informative book with amazing insight into the foods that we should be eating.

~ Dale Rodia

PatrizioBekerleThank you for your wonderful recipe book. I love your book! I love all the beautiful photos. It’s great for people to have this resource to get their 80-10-10 going and to understand the connections between different food types better. I also loved to read the story of your life you shared with us! The world will change because it has to! Please keep up your great pioneer’s work! You making a great contribution to mankind!
Patrizio Bekerle

ClairePariniI have just downloaded and quickly read through the recipes in the new book from Happy Raw Reny and Jesse Bogdanovich. They have done a fantastic job. I have seen and tasted so many delicious raw desserts etc which have been overflowing with fat, which are no good for me (even though they are yummy lol) and this is a problem that many people find, when they go raw – it is all too easy to over-do the fat! So when I saw their book had some desserts which were free of overt fats, I jumped at the chance to buy it and I have not been disappointed! The recipes are all perfect and doable by anyone, the colour photos are beautiful and inspiring. Reny and Jesse explain about food combing and give many other tips too, so this is also a good book for anyone who is new to a raw lifestyle as well as those of us who have been at it for a bit longer :) With recipes for smoothies, soups, salads, flavoured water and even party dishes, they seem to have thought of everything!

You do NOT have to be a raw vegan to enjoy these recipes, they can be something that you can add to your arsenal and have fun making with the children or simply to show your versatility! If you are interested in getting the e book on download, go over to http://simplyvibrantrecipes.com/

Please support people like this, who are sincere, loving people, trying to help others as well as making a living for themselves – ♥

Claire Parini

If you’ve been craving for a healthier body, cells, and lifestyle, my dear friend Jesse Bogdanovich has got you covered. Like this page and purchase his ebook online. You will not be disappointed! Living in the RAW baby! Eat Raw, Live Long. xoxo

Brienne Love Lee

Having tasted your food Jesse and Reny – I think you should call your book “The absolutely marvelous, super duper, lovely raw food recipes that really make you better book”.

Alison Wagstaffe, UK

StarI just have to share the exciting news about a new recipe book Simply Vibrant Recipes’ by my friend Jesse. Jesse is an amazing guy, and friend of mine, who healed himself from very severe vaccine-induced illnesses. (his own personal story is a must read).

He eats a high fruit raw food diet and has been involved in the fruit ways for a many years as a health advocate. He lives in sunny Croatia and I’m jealous of their fig season!

This is no skimpy ebook at 140 pages with gorgeous colour pix and really fab recipes which are aligned with my own ‘facelift diet’ vibe. (his fruit sandwiches are a must-try!).

Jesse is a lovely guy and is all about helping people to be fully healthy and vibrant, so please support his work by buying this fab ebook – you won’t be disappointed I promise!

Your book is AMAZING! I fully recommend it – and I am VERY fussy about my raw food/vegan recipe books. Stunning pictures, simple yet eye-catching recipes. MMMMMM!! It’s really fab, so many vibrant recipes – you’ll never think fruit is boring ever again!

Star Khechara

JensThis just such a wonderful recipe book – no matter if you’re an experienced raw foodist, a raw rookie or someone who simply needs some inspiration on easy to do recipes to boost your health. No, you won’t have to blend truckloads of cashews or buy hyper-super-mega-power-foods noone has ever heard of. And that’s exactly what makes this so special. It’s all about fruit and veggies you can actually BUY at your LOCAL store or PICK in your OWN garden. So it’s very practical and leaves hardly any excuses for not trying out. Start right away. Ohhh, I love that Banana-Carob-Smoothie. So yummie and way better then any choc-bar could ever be. Thank you, dear Rene and Jesse for putting this together!!! Love and hugs…

Jens Wollmerath

ChristinaBJess – I see this book as a HUGE opportunity to introduce this eating lifestyle to a whole new audience. Those who are afraid of going raw or vegan, those who have never tried it, those who are considering it, and those who just want to incorporate some healthy “side dish” alternatives to whatever meals they currently eat. USER FRIENDLY. I love the title “Simply Vibrant Recipes”. It does not scare anyone off with unfamiliar terminology or a “lifestyle” change. You are changing the world, my love. One step at a time. I admire and respect your hard work and dedication. Sending you armloads of love.

Christina, USA

Rachel OverholserHooray! I just got your new recipe book! It downloaded so easy, and the format is pdf! I can now view this book on my apple, or hp, or even my phone! Thank you again, so much….. I will post pictures to share as I go through the recipes!

Rachel Overholser

Thanks so much for writing and promoting great raw fruit recipes because I am so tired of doing the research and writing myself. Bless and thank you so much!

Nuri Leigh Burville

I think your book is terrific! I am Learning a lot from it. And I really like the way you keep things simple!

Mike, USA

Congratulations Jesse and Reny!   I think your work is grand and that it will help a lot of people feel better and happier.
We are grateful for all your efforts and wish you a lot of success in this and other writings.

Love,  Dad and Mama

We tried to go raw and then fell off the wagon for a while. This book helped us to start eating raw vegan again, thank you so much!

Lidia and Jyri, Estonia

People out there, our friends and one of the most wonderful and generous people we know Jesse Bogdanovich and Happy Raw Reny brought out an amazing raw recipe book with loads of info and delicious recipes for the healthiest lifestyle possible. they both are long term raw vegans and have much experience, Google Jesse and you will see how much he achieved with this amazing and healing lifestyle, his story will blow you away! Grab it, it can change your life!

Gundula von Voniland

If you feel that you are ready to get out book and start making our easy and healthy raw vegan recipes, you can buy it here:



Our e-book “Simply Vibrant Recipes” with 111 low fat raw vegan recipes is finally up on Amazon Kindle. We made it really affordable for everyone. Because our main goal is to provide raw vegan enthusiasts with inspiration and the solid knowledge of our long term raw vegan experience.

And by the way, you don’t need to have a Kindle to read the Kindle formatted books. You can simply get a free Kindle reader program for any device you have – a PC, Mac, iPod, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Here are the links to our book on Amazon Kindle in all the different regions, please note that our book is only available in English right now, but we are planning to translate it in other languages too:

Our raw vegan recipe book on Amazon.com

Our raw vegan recipe book on Amazon.co.uk

Our raw vegan recipe book on Amazon.de

Our raw vegan recipe book in France

Our raw vegan recipe book in Italy

Our raw vegan recipe book in Spain

Our raw vegan recipe book in Canada

Our raw vegan recipe book in Brazil

In other countries you can just search your local Amazon for “Simply Vibrant Recipes”.




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